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FACE – Federation of Associations for Community Empowerment, Nagappattinam

Add.: Ana Runa Building, Nagappattinam
Pin: 614810
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 91-4369-252156
Email: director@theface.in
Website: http://www.theface.in
Contact Person: Dr. P.V. Ravichandiran
Purpose : Promoting a just, self reliant, harmonious and responsible communities in India.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : To foster a process of ongoing change in favor the depressed communities in a way in which this process can be sustained by them through building and managing appropriate and innovative local institutions rooted in values of justice, equity and mutual respect and support. To simultaneously build up local capacities, learn, plan and facilitatively participate in the community driven programs towards sustainable solutions which would be replicable to contribute in reducing global poverty and just. To promote civic responsible communities equally excising their rights and contribute to the processes of their own empowerment. To equalize the optimum utility and protection of human and natural resources.

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