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GREAT – Globle Rural Educational Activity Trust, Ariyalur

Add.: 5/101 F, Nattamai Complex
Pin: 621801
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 91-4331-293779
Email: great.adm@gmail.com
Website: http://tamil-nadu.ngosindia.com/great-globle-rural-educational-activity-trust-ariyalur
Contact Person: Balaraman. J
Purpose : Develops for the welfare of the disabled persons, women, children and weakers.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : We are running Evening study centres and condensed course education programme for the rural drop-outs. Formation of SHGs among rural women and facilitating them for their social empowerment. Formation of youth groups through which we are giving value-based social education and including savings habits. Organizing farmers association and giving training on the latest bio-agricultural techniques. Prevention of suicide attempts and drug-abuses. Preservation and promotion of rural environment through the activities of the local body. STD, HIV/AIDS general awareness and intervention activities for the public and the high risk groups.

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