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ROSE – Rural Organisation for social education, Cuddalore

Add.: 81-A, Rojaveethi, Maruthinagarm, Vadalur, Kurinjipady
Pin: 607303
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 91-4142-260312
Email: rosejuliin@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.rosetrust.in
Contact Person: R. Arokiajulian
Purpose : To get more details about funding and informations regarding gross root development.
Aims/Objectives/Mission : The organization adopts scientific approach in all its efforts to empower the people.The principle objectives of the organization is educate and organize the deprived sections and enable them to address their own issues effectively and lead a dignified human living. Ever since the initiation, ROSE was driving to address to the felt needs at the most disadvantaged sections of the society. Due to illiteracy and ignorance the rural disadvantaged were subject to several forms of social exploitation. To liberate these disadvantaged people ROSE was started by the women who had opportunity to complete their education on secondary, Higher Secondary and College levels. ROSE envisions a sensitized society which is vibrant to the needs of the marginalized. Mission of the organization working for the empowerment of the rural marginalised and downtrodden through means of community sensitization, organizing the community based organisations, building human rights movement and socio-economic sustainability.

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